Finetunes GmbH

finetunes GmbH
Stresemannstraße 375 // Unit 11
22761 Hamburg

Oke Göttlich
fon: 040 – 32891981-72
fax: 040 – 3289198109

finetunes has been creating opportunities for independent labels in the digital music markets for more than five years. The Hamburg-based distribution and digital solutions company distributes a high quality and focused roster of independent record labels from around the world and has a network of satellite offices in London, Paris and San Diego. A leading distributor in the field of electronic music, finetunes also represents labels from across the musical spectrum: from jazz to reggae, pop to world music. finetunes’ global network of satellite offices helps secure strategic, focused and truly co-ordinated international retail marketing for its releases. Additionally, finetunes handles all its technical development and operations in-house, giving the company the ability to react fast, innovate and provide tailor made solutions for labels and distributors. Webtools like the PromoTool, Sales Master Trend or Content Hub or Label are enhancing our partners to improve their label work. Finetunes is also your perfect partner for video monetization (YouTube).