Jazz&Worldpartners @ Womex 2016

Bretzels & Beer:
INVITATION of German Association
“Jazz & World Partners”


We kindly invite you to join us during WOMEX on Friday at 5pm for a get-together at Jazz & World Partners booth (2.58-2.60) at the second floor. Come on over enjoy Bretzels & cold Beer together with us: companies from Germany that deal with Jazz & World Music (agencies, labels, producers, studios, distribution etc.).

We are looking forward to welcoming you and have a chat together!

Jazz&WorldPartners e.V. – these are companies and individuals within the music industry who deal with the genres of jazz and world music. Whether a label, publisher, distributor, recording studio, producer, promoter or agency – the association Jazz&WorldPartners offers its members a superior platform for an exchange of interests and opportunities for cooperation. This collaboration is unique in the world with internationally operating companies (majors), small labels (indie) and others involved in the industry (studios, agencies, etc.) working together towards the common goal of improving the framework within the genres of jazz and world music. What can occur when large and small enterprises work together within the context of these genres and share the resulting effects of their synergy, has already been impressively verified by Jazz&WorldPartners in the past:
In 1994, Jazz&WorldPartners, in cooperation with the Federal Music Industry Association, developed the ”Jazz Award“, analogous to the ”Golden Record“.
Together with the Federal Music Industry Association, Jazz&WorldPartners urged for a Media Control survey of the jazz charts, which has lead to a chart being generated monthly since the summer of 2006.
Group representation of Jazz&WorldPartners members at internationally significant trade fairs. These have so far included MIDEM, jazzahead!, Kulturbörse Freiburg and WOMEX.
For the past thirteen years, the group’s CD ”Hörvergnügen“ has been distributed during its annual appearance at jazzahead! and elsewhere. This genre specific promotional tool is so far unique in the German music scene and enjoys an almost cult status.
The Jazz&WorldPartners are part of the jury of ECHO Jazz, an award which yearly from 2010 on decorates the most successful German artists and associations in Jazz and World Music.
The involvement of their own activities and transfer of expertise within a network of other associations (The Federal Music Industry Association, German Jazz Meeting, Federal Jazz Conference and others): this engagement recently led to the inauguration of a new tool to support the jazz and world music scene in Germany: “APPLAUS”, the Award for Venues which will be granted yearly from 2013 on by Initiative Musik gGmbH. www.jazz-worldpartners.de

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.